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 How to play lf2 in lag?

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PostSubject: How to play lf2 in lag?   Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:58 pm

Often i can hear people in hamachi saying "I can't play in lagz","It's too slow","Epic lagz".

Well the problem of lagz can be sorted out once you practice in it a lot.

So now the questions is "Why does the game run so slow?"

The answer is you and your opponent live too far to each other,and that's the reason why the game runs slow.If you practice in lagz, you will have no problem in playing in it.

So how to train?

The answer to that question is LF2 FPS changer.....which created artificial lagz to help you practice.Keeping it at 8 FPS will create fair enough lag to train.

You can even find good lf2 players and play with them a lot.And remember....never say no to a fight....the more you'll play the better you'll get.
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How to play lf2 in lag?
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